"Dentistry shouldn't be scary. We're here to protect your health."

Dr. Medwed

Oral hygiene is an extremely important health factor.

The mouth is a window into the health of the body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection. For example, systemic diseases—those that affect the entire body, such as diabetes, AIDS and Sjögren’s syndrome—may first become apparent because of mouth lesions or other oral problems.

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While visiting a dentist every 6 months is important, it is the time between appointments that will make the biggest impact on your overall health. And there’s more to the picture than just good brushing and flossing habits! Eating foods that are low in sugar and acid, avoiding oral piercings, and being wary of DIY orthodontics are some of the other ways you can keep your teeth healthy. Getting serious about your oral health may mean making some lifestyle changes, but the same changes that are good for your teeth are going to be good for your entire body.

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At Hillsboro Dental, your oral hygeine is our top concern. That is why we provide a variety of modern, safe, and effective dental services to our patients.

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