Curodont™ Repair

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What is Guided Enamel Regeneration?

Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) is essentially a tissue regeneration treatment concept wherein tooth enamel is rebuilt after being lost to caries and wear, without the need to drill the tooth.

What is Curodont?

Curodont™ Repair is a low-viscosity liquid material that carries the globally patented ‘Monomer-Peptide 104‘ technology in the highest concentration. This revolutionary technology employs a short, ‘intelligent’ peptide, made of naturally occurring amino acids, to promote deposition of hydroxyapatite (the main tooth-building mineral) within carious lesions and stop the progression of incipient lesions.

Curodont™ Repair employs the clinically proven and award-winning ‘Monomer-Peptide 104‘ technology to bring about guided enamel regeneration within early, non-cavitated enamel lesions. When applied, this technology penetrates until the very depth of the carious lesion. Once inside and triggered by the acidic environment of carious lesions, the intelligent peptide monomers assemble to form a matrix, which resembles the natural enamel matrix. This matrix then attracts calcium and phosphate ions from the saliva and promotes the formation and deposition of new hydroxyapatite crystals, essentially reversing the mineral loss seen as a result of caries.

Curodont™ Repair, owing to its low viscosity and high affinity to hydroxyapatite, has been found to reach to the depth of early carious lesions and bring about remineralization. Other known remineralising agents, such as fluoride, have been known to bring about a more superficial remineralization leading to arrest of the carious lesion. With fluoride formulations, accompanied by good oral hygiene, inactivation of early carious lesions has been seen to be ~35%, while that with Curodont™ Repair, inactivation of caries has been observed to be over 80%.* Schmidlin et al. observed that Curodont™ Repair was able to restore the hardness of enamel at a depth 8 times greater that was possible with fluoride varnish.

Natural enamel formation in primary and permanent teeth requires a few months to a few years, respectively. As Curodont™ Repair employs the X+GER technology, which mimics Nature to regenerate enamel, it requires at least 4-6 months to demonstrate discernible remineralization.

Curodont™ Repair has no known side effects and can safely be utilized in children. Regular dental appointments to detect caries in the earliest stages and their drill-free management using Curodont™ Repair is recommended.

Mode of Action

The technology in Curodont™ Repair is formulated as a low viscosity liquid with high affinity to hydroxyapatite. The unique conditions within carious lesions enable the organization of the peptide monomers into the biomatrix. This matrix guides the regeneration of enamel by serving as a ‘platform’ for the formation of new hydroxyapatite crystals.
Carious lesion with a pseudo-intact enamel surface layer
The Monomer-Peptide 104 technology diffuses until the depth of the carious lesion within 5 minutes
The peptides of the Monomer-Peptide104 technology assemble into a biomatrix within the carious lesion
The biomatrix formed by the Monomer-Peptide104 technology attracts calcium and phosphate ions from the saliva for de novo nucleation of hydroxyapatite crystals, leading to remineralization

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